The objectives of this policy are:

To provide a framework for the investing of Council's funds at the most favorable rate of interest available to it at the time whilst having due consideration of risk and security for that investment type and ensuring that its liquidity requirements are being met.

While exercising the power to invest, consideration is to be given to the preservation of capital, liquidity, and the return of investment.

  • Preservation of capital is the principal objective of the investment portfolio. Investments are to be placed in a manner that seeks to ensure security and safeguarding the investment portfolio. This includes managing credit and interest rate risk within identified thresholds and parameters.
  • Investments should be allocated to ensure there is sufficient liquidity to meet all reasonably anticipated cash flow requirements, as and when they fall due, without incurring the risk of significant costs due to the unanticipated sale of an investment.
  • Investments are expected to achieve a market average rate of return in line with the Council's risk tolerance.


Investment Policy