Fit for the Future

On 20 October 2015 the NSW Government released IPARTS report on the assessment of Councils' Merger Business Cases and Improvement Proposals that were submitted as part of the Fit for the Future process.

The IPART assessment of Dungog Shire Councils Improvement proposal was that Council was identified as "unfit" as Council did not satisfy the scale and capacity criteria or the financial criteria. Maitland City Council was also assessed by IPART as "unfit" on the basis of the scale and capacity criteria.

Councils were provided the opportunity to respond to the IPART findings to the Department of Premier and Cabinet by 18 November 2015.

Both Maitland and Dungog Councils also met with consultants MorrisonLow to revisit the business plan and to update information. The revised Merger Business Case for November 2015 is accessible further down this page.

Councils decision of 16 November 2015 in detail can be accessed here, in short form the Council resolved again to not merge with Maitland.

A copy of the Maitland City Councils decision of 16 November 2015 is accessible here.

The NSW Government has advised Councils that their decision will be announced in December 2015.

The IPART Fit for the Future site is available here.


General Managers Reports to the Extra Ordinary meeting of Council held on 29 June 2015.

Local Government Reform Information

Morrison Low - Maitland & Dungog Councils - Fit for the Future Shared Modelling

Morrison Low - Revised Merger Business Case - Maitland & Dungog Council - November 2015

Morrison Low - Dungog Shire Council Fit for the Future Improvement Proposal

Council response to IPART following Community Meetings

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