Agenda & Minutes November 2019

The Agenda & Minutes for Ordinary Meeting held 20 November 2019 are available for viewing below:




In accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, a rescission motion has been submitted pertaining to the Planning Department Item: 4 Section 8.2(1)(B) Review Of Determination Of Modification To Development Application – Da 103/2011 Nine (9) Lot Subdivision Lots 3 & $ Dp800829 No’s 38/39 Angela Close, Clarence Town.

The notice of motion rescinds the resolution in relation to “Section 8.2(1)(b) Review of Determination of Modification to Development Application – DA 103/2011 nine (9) Lot Subdivision Lots 3 & $ DP800829 No’s 38/39 Angela Close, Clarence Town”, specifically:

  1. That Council approve the 8.2A application only for the removal of the BAR/BAL intersection at the intersection of Glen William Road and Angela Close; and
  2. Council provide draft approval conditions for the next Council meeting for the consideration of Councillors.

The rescission motion prevents the resolution being carried into effect until the motion of rescission has been dealt with. The rescission will be tabled at the December 2019 Ordinary Meeting.

These minutes are provided as Draft until ratified at the December Ordinary Meeting.