Special Rate Variation

Council needs to explore ways to expand our revenue sources to ensure we are able to provide essential services and facilities in the long term. While we understand that a rate rise is never welcome, we believe it is an important conversation we need to have with our community. We are also seeking your input on a proposal to apply to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for a special variation.

The SRV is always an issue that challenges every Council and its communities alike -  there is never a good time to have this conversation. However, we believe it is essential to address this proposal with our communities as a means to enable us to make improvements to our public assets, in particular our roads and bridges.

We need to strive toward sustainability, to improve our resilience, to deliver services in line with community expectations and financial responsibility. We have to show the State Government that we are acting positively to improve Dungog Shire’s position. Councillor’s need and want to take the community on this journey, to help us make the right decisions about a special rates variation. What level of service do you want from Council and what are you prepared to pay to get that level of service?

You are invited to attend any of the venues listed below where you will be given an opportunity to ask questions and have discussions regarding the Community Strategic Plan and the proposed special variation with Councillors and Council staff.

  • Monday 12 March    6pm to 9pm    Gresford School of Arts
  • Tuesday 13 March    10am to 1pm    Vacy School of Arts
  • Tuesday13 March    6pm to 9pm    Paterson School of Arts
  • Wednesday 14 March    10am to 1pm    Doug Walters Pavilion, Dungog
  • Wednesday 14 March    6pm to 9pm    Doug Walters Pavilion, Dungog
  • Thursday 15 March    6pm to 9pm    Clarence Town School of Arts


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