Special Rate Variation

In February 2018 Council invited all members of the Dungog Shire community to attend a series of meetings developed to inform ratepayers of Council’s current financial position and the need for Council to consider applying for a Special Rate Variation.

At these public meetings, members of the community were given the opportunity to participate on a Special Rate Variation Reference Panel. The applicants were provided with further, more in depth information and were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide input into the process of Council’s consideration of the application to IPART for a Special Rate Variation.

As a result of these Reference Panel meetings and the input received from the Panel members, the Councillors and staff, Council  presented to the community in a series of community meetings the proposed way forward.

Information from these meetings is provided below for your information.

Council needs to explore ways to expand our revenue sources to ensure we are able to provide essential services and facilities to the community in the long term. While we understand that a rate rise is never welcome, we believe it is an important conversation we need to have with our community.

Council's Special Rate Variation Application is available for viewing on the IPART website.


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