Application to Review a Determination

Use this form to apply for a review of development consent, review of a modification of consent and review of the rejection of a development application.  No review provisions under the listed sections are available for Complying Development Certificates, Designated Development or Crown Development.

If the changes you propose mean the development will not be substantially the same as originally approved, you need to submit a new development application (please do not use this form).

To complete the form, please place a cross in the boxes and fill out the sections as appropriate.  To minimise delay in receiving a decision about your application, please ensure you submit all relevant information

You need to submit the application to the consent authority that originally gave its consent.  You will receive a notice of determination once this application has been assessed. Applications for review must be lodged within the statutory timeframes (8.2(1)(a) 6 months, 8.2(1)(b) 28 days or 8.2(1)(c) 14 days) or as legislative provisions prescribe.


Application to Review a Determination