Dungog Shire Rural Lands Strategy


In recognising the importance of agribusiness and rural industry to the shire, Dungog Shire Council has engaged consultants GHD to undertake a Rural Lands Strategy (RLS): a holistic, land use focused framework for our region’s future.

The Rural Lands Strategy will preserve our region’s unique charm for future generations by protecting and enhancing rural lands, to promote agricultural growth and diversification, environmental conservation, tourism, lifestyle and economic development.

It is a four-stage process:

  • Stage 1: Background Review and Rural Issues Paper – NOW COMPLETE
  • Stage 2: Policy Directions Paper – NOW COMPLETE
  • Stage 3: Draft Rural Lands Strategy – ON EXHIBITION
  • Stage 4: Rural Lands Strategy

The key outcomes of the Rural Lands Strategy will become recommendations for amendments to the Dungog Local Environmental Plan 2014, as well as amendments to council’s Development Control Plan, policies and local strategies.

Key actions are provided under each theme of the Draft Rural Lands Strategy. Key actions relate to:

  • The introduction of the three new land use zones: RU2 Rural Landscape, RU4 Primary Production Small Lots, and E2 Environmental Conservation.
  • Introduction of new minimum lot size provisions and retention of existing provisions for the RU1 Primary Production and new land use zones.
  • Phasing out of the existing holding provision in the Dungog LEP affecting rural dwelling entitlements.
  • Identifying select areas of R5 Large Lot Residential zoned land for rezoning to a more appropriate zone.
  • Identifying select areas of land for rezoning to an environmental zone, based on site characteristics.
  • Introduction of overlays in the LEP to address scenic protection and terrestrial biodiversity.

Dungog Shire Council's Draft Rural Lands Strategy

Appendix A: Proposed Land Use Matrix
Appendix B: Proposed Land Use Tables
Appendix C: Draft Indicative Proposed Zoning Mapping
Appendix D: Draft Scenic Protection Mapping
Appendix E: Draft Terrestrial Biodiversity Mapping

*** Your Chance to Have Your Say! ***

The draft Rural Lands Strategy document is now on public exhibition until Thursday 31 March 2022, and we want to hear your thoughts.

All submissions will be considered by the Dungog Rural Lands Strategy Steering Committee and council, prior to preparation of the final document.

Help create a shared vision of Dungog Shire’s future by submitting your thoughts in writing, via email: shirecouncil@dungog.nsw.gov.au, or by post to: Dungog Shire Council, PO Box 95, Dungog NSW 2420.

Learn more about the draft Rural Lands Strategy exhibition. 

Please note that, unfortunately, late submissions cannot be accepted.

Draft RLS - Scenic Protection Mapping

The Draft Dungog Rural Lands Strategy also provides Scenic Protection Mapping that identifies broad scenic landscapes across the shire.

Council is seeking to refine this mapping to highlight only those scenic corridors and vistas most valued by the community.

View our Scenic Protection Mapping to share your feedback and help us to identify these areas. 

More Information  
For questions or enquires relating to the Rural Lands Strategy, Council has provided a message bank service which can be accessed by telephoning (02) 4995-7733 or (02) 4995-7777 (during business hours through our customer service centre). Council's planning department will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours to discuss your enquiry. 

Rural Lands Strategy: Project Steering Committee
The role of the project steering committee is to review project documentation, provide feedback and guide the development of the strategy.

Minutes Procedure for the Dungog Shire Rural Lands Strategy Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee Terms of Reference

Steering Committee Information Package

Steering Committee Presentation

Consultancy Brief 


     Meeting 1 

     Meeting 2

     Meeting 3

     Meeting 4

     Meeting 5


      Meeting 2

      Meeting 5

Rural Lands Strategy Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: The Draft Rural Lands Strategy

Fact Sheet: Review of Land Use Zones

Fact Sheet: Dual Occupancies, Rural Workers Dwellings and Secondary Dwellings

Fact Sheet: Dwelling Entitlements in Rural and Environmental Zones - Existing Holdings 

Fact Sheet: Environmental Zones

Fact Sheet: Infrastructure Limiations Map and Boundary

Fact Sheet: Locally Important Agricultural Land

Fact Sheet: Overlays

Fact Sheet: Planning Principles for Applying Zone E3 Environmental Management and E4 Environmental Living

Fact Sheet: Zone RU1 Primary Production

Fact Sheet: Zone RU2 Rural Landscape

Fact Sheet: Zone RU4 Primary Production Small Lots


Other Project and Background Documents

Background Review (Part A) - Volume 1

Background Review (Part B) - Volume 2

Consultation Report (Part A)

Rural Issues Paper (Part B)

Biodiversity Technical Paper (Part B)

Adopted Rural Lands Strategy Policy Directions Paper

Fact Sheet for the Draft Policy Directions

Summary Paper for the Background Review and Rural Issues

Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan