Subdivision Certificates

Subdivision Certificates

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 subdivision is a form of development that requires approval. Approval is given in the form of a Subdivision Certificate.

An application for a Subdivision Certificate is required whether or not the subdivision involves building works. If a subdivision does involve works, a Construction Certificate may also be required prior to the commencement of the building works.

A Subdivision Certificate can only be issued by Council or a privately Accredited Certifier.

How Do You Obtain A Subdivision Certificate?

Obtaining a Subdivision Certificate at Dungog Shire Council is a two-stage process:

Stage 1. Lodging a Development Application

To obtain a Subdivision Certificate you must lodge a development application. If your development application is successful, Council grants a development consent. This consent will be subject to certain conditions. You will be required to comply with all the conditions of the development consent, including completion of any building works, before the Subdivision Certificate can be issued.

Stage 2. Lodging Linen Plans

Once you can demonstrate that you have complied with all the relevant conditions of consent you are required to lodge your linen plans with Council (or an Accredited Certifier).

If applying to Council, complete the Application for a Subdivision Certificate a copy of which can be downloaded from the attachment below.

Depending on the nature of the subdivision you may be required to lodge additional information with your linen plans. For example, a certificate of compliance from Hunter Water may be required if the subdivision involves the creation of new lots. Upon receiving and processing all relevant information Council will issue you with a Subdivision Certificate.


Subdivision Certificate