Dogs currently for sale / rescue at the Council Pound

Please check this page regularly for information on animals available for adoption or who have been lost.

This young female cat is less than 12 months old and was handed into the Williams River Vets at Clarence Town on 1.5.19. She has a sweet friendly nature and is obviously someone's pet. She was found on Limeburners Creek Road. She is not microchipped.

This blue/ black female Cattle cross kelpie was found straying upon Punches/Glen Martin Roads, Glen Martin on Sunday 23/05/19.
The dog was wandering/ straying with another brown kelpie type dog at the time. A member of the public has transported the dog to Dungog Pound, where the dog remains.

The dog is microchipped, however the details are out of date. She is a very sweet older dog, her date of birth being 14 June 2008. She has a very sweet/ soft nature and is obviously well looked after.   

Please like and share to find her owners. Some one obviously loves and cares for her.

This is another strong reminder to pet owners, to ensure their pets details are up to date, and your dog/cat are wearing a collar and Id tags.

This female, Bull Arab Cross type dog, is aged approx. 3 - 4 years of age. She has been handed into Dungog Shire Council (Pound) today as a stray.

Investigations have revealed that "the dog" was allegedly picked up from Dungog Showground area, as a stray around Easter time by a visitor in the area. It is then alleged that the said dog was taken to Williams River Vets some weeks after as a stray.

She is now officially impounded and we are seeking information around her ownership. She is not microchipped and was not wearing a collar or ID tags.

This girl is very sweet, she seems to have been an inside dog. She has had some basic training. Someone has obviously loved her, please like and share.
I would love to re-unite this dog with its owner.

These pets are currently located at Dungog Pound Facility, 970 Glen Martin Road, Glen Martin.

If you are the owner or know the owner please contact Dungog Shire Council on 02 4995 7777 or Dungog Pound Facility on 02 4996 5528.

Should the owner not come forward these pets will become available for adoption seven days after impounding. Adoption fees apply and include: desexing, microchipping, immunisation, registration and worming.