Noxious Weeds and Vegetation

Removing Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weed Control

Dungog Shire Council is a member of the Lower Hunter and Central Coast Weed Management Committee and cooperates with other Authorities and Councils to manage weeds on a regional basis.

Noxious weed control is the responsibility of the land occupier or owner. Dungog Shire Council employs a full time Noxious Weed Operator who treats weeds on roadsides and other Council land and inspects private property for declared weeds under the Noxious Weed Act 1993.

Dungog Shire has adopted, along with other Councils in the Hunter area, the Hunter & Central Coast Regional Weed Strategy 2010-2015 for Noxious Weeds.

If you require information on your responsibilities as a land owner under the Act or for a comprehensive list of both regional noxious and environmental weeds follow this link to the Hunter & Central Coast Regional Weed Strategy for Noxious Weeds or the Local Giant Parramatta Grass Management Plan link below or visit the Department of Primary Industries/Agriculture website.

To view the Noxious Weeds Declaration for Dungog Shire Council visit the Department of Primary Industries website.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - The application of Herbicides to Waterways