Hunter Regional Weeds Committee

Dungog Shire Council is a member of the Hunter Regional Weeds Committee (HRWC)

The purpose of the Hunter Regional Weed Committee (HRWC) is to provide ‘tenure neutral’ strategic planning and coordination of weed management activities at the regional level. These activities play an integral part in an overall State weed management framework.

The committee was established to:

  • support implementation of the weeds components and underlining principles of the NSW Biosecurity Strategy, NSW Biosecurity Act and the NSW Invasive Species Plan 2015-2022
  • provide advice to the Board regarding delivery weed functions for the Local Land Services consistent with the Local Strategic Plan
  • to develop innovative and effective regional weed management strategic plans that consider risks, include all land tenure, and major stakeholders in the landscape
  • provide a forum for the community and stakeholders in decision making, and develop communication education and awareness programs based on local and/or regional priority weeds and issues.

Dungog Shire Council also convenes a Local Biosecurity and Weed Management Committee to consider local Biosecurity and weed issues.

The Minutes of the Local Biosecurity and Weed Management Committee are available for viewing.

Councils Weeds inspector conducts regular inspections of properties and discusses weed management strategies with owners in order to address the objectives of the Hunter Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan 2017-2022.  This plan lists weeds of significance in the Hunter Region and prioritises their control and management.

Dungog Shire Council is also a member of the Hunter Regional Weeds Group. This is a professional group that provides support to Councils, weeds officers and the community through advice and education in weed management matters. The Hunter Regional Weeds website provides valuable information in regard to specific weed identification, control methods and General Biosecurity Duty of property owners.

For more information contact Council’s Weeds Officer on 49957777.


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