Overdue Policy

An overdue fee per item per day will apply to returns made after the due date.

Our overdue fee is 50 cents per item per day from the due date including public holidays and Sundays.

We will send you a Reminder Notice, 14 days after the due date, outlining the items outstanding and the overdue fees payable on the date of the notice. Once you accumulate unpaid overdue fees of $20.00 your borrowing privileges will be suspended until the accrued amount is reduced below $10.00.

No overdue fees are charged for material borrowed by children on their own cards. If children's items are borrowed on an adult's card, and are returned late, an overdue fee will be charged.

If an item is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair we will ask for the price of the item plus a non-refundable processing fee.

Please contact us immediately if you receive an Overdue Notice for items you have returned. Items will considered lost if we have not heard from you within 10 weeks.

It is important that you are aware of these rules as they are there to protect you, the customer, as well as staff. We are all working together to provide an accessible, efficient and equitable library service.