Local Government Elections

Dungog Shire Council's election will be administered by the NSW Electoral Commission. The election has been postponed by 3 months. Voting will now be held on Saturday 4 December 2021.













Dungog Shire local government area consists of three wards:  A, B and C. [See ward map above]. 

A Ward is centred around the township of Dungog. B Ward is focused on the area around Clarence Town. C Ward includes the townships of Gresford, East Gresford, Vacy and Paterson.

Two Councillors for each ward will be elected and the Mayor will be popularly elected by all voters across the shire.

Key Dates

The Local Government Elections have been postponed by 3 months and rescheduled to 4 December 2021.

Some relevant dates are included below; a full list can be seen at NSW Electoral Commission website.

25 October 

 Electoral roll closes (6pm)

 Candidate nominations open

26 October  Postal vote application opens
3 November

 Candidate nominations close (12 noon)

 Registration of electoral material for distribution election day commences

4 November  Ballot paper draw
5 November  Caretaker period commences
22 November

 Pre-poll voting opens

 iVote commences

29 November  Postal vote applications close (5pm)
3 December   Pre-poll voting closes (6pm)
4 December  Election day (8am-6pm)
17 December  Return of postal vote closes (6pm)
21-23 December  Results declared progressively as counts are finalised by Returning Officers



Who needs to vote?

Voting is compulsory for this Local Government Election on 4 December 2021.

Dungog Shire is divided into three wards; A Ward, B Ward and C Ward. Residents, who are enrolled to vote, elect a Mayor and two Councillors to represent their respective ward see NSW Electoral Commission.

Traditionally elected Councillors serve a four year term, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic the NSW Local Government Elections were postponed in 2020, meaning that Councillors elected in this year’s election will serve a three year term.

Information on how elections work and understanding your responsibilities as a voter is available online NSW Electoral Commission.

Where can I vote on election day?

Voting in person is the most popular way to vote, as it is quick and easy. Election Day is 4 December 2021 and election staff and officials will be available on the day if you need help.

The polling places have not been released at this point; they will be progressively updated as we receive more information from the NSW Electoral Commission regarding the replanning of the elections. 

To view locations via an interactive map, search for your address or find out the facilities at each venue visit NSW Electoral Commission for more details.

Pre-polling place to vote early

If you would like to vote in person, but you are unable to get to a voting centre or polling place on election day, you may be eligible to vote early or pre-poll.

Eligibility requirements to vote in person at a pre-poll venue for a local election are changing. This information will be available on the NSW Electoral Commission 2021 Local Government elections web page closer to the election.

The pre-polling place for Dungog Shire is the Dungog Council Chambers at the rear of the Dungog Shire Council Administration Building, 198 Dowling St, Dungog; entry will be via the Brown St car park.

Can I vote if I am not a resident of Dungog Shire?

If you are not a resident, you may be entitled to vote if you own, occupy or lease property in Dungog Shire as a corporation, business or individual. Check if you are eligible.
The non-residential roll will close on Monday 25 October at 6pm.

To claim for inclusion on the roll of non-resident owners of rateable land or the roll of occupiers and ratepaying lessees you will need to complete one of the below forms and submit to Dungog Shire Council.
The form must be received by the General Manager of Dungog Shire Council by Monday 25 October 2021 via post, hand delivered to the Administration Building or emailed to shirecouncil@dungog.nsw.gov.au 

If you have further questions contact council

What happens if I do not vote?

Voting is compulsory for Dungog Shire Council residents.

If you do not vote and you do not have a valid reason, you will be fined $55 by the NSW Electoral Commission. Apparent failure to vote notices are distributed within three months of an election event.

Council does not issue the fines and more information about penalties for not voting is available at NSW Electoral Commission.

How do I register my interest to work at the Local Government Elections?

You can register your interest to work at the Local Government Elections being held on Saturday 4 December 2021.

A variety of roles are available, from work at a polling place on Election Day to longer-running opportunities at a returning office or pre-poll voting centre.

You can register your interest for employment via the Electoral Commission NSW.

The above details will be progressively updated as we receive more information from the NSW Electoral Commission regarding the replanning of the election.