Bulky & Scrap Metal Clean-Up

Dungog Shire Council is providing a Bulky Waste Clean-Up. This will allow collection of larger items and will enable items suitable for recycling to be diverted from landfill thereby maximising the life of this valuable resource. The annual Kerbside Green Waste clean-up will still be conducted later this year. Details will be advertised.

Who is the Service For?

All residences currently receiving a weekly waste collection service.

When does it happen?

Collections will commence on Monday the 11th of February. Please put your waste out the weekend before.
NOTE: Collections may occur at any time during the allotted time period.

Where do I put it?

Please place your waste neatly next to the edge of the kerb and not blocking the footpath at your normal weekly collection point. Waste material deposited in any other location (other than your usual collection location) will be considered to be illegally dumped and action may be taken against persons responsible. Please secure items to avoid windblown littering and separate bulky and metal waste as these will be collected in separate pick ups.

How much can I put out?

The volume of Waste collected from any one property shall not exceed two cubic metres.

What's acceptable?

Bulky Waste includes larger items of household waste. Acceptable items are:

  • Household appliances and Whitegoods (all doors must be removed)
  • Furniture, painted wooden products & fittings
  • Pottery, ceramics and chinaware
  • Tools, scrap metal, tins and drums (empty)
  • Other bulky household items
  • Items must be able to be handled by two people
  • Loose items must be bundled or contained
  • Wire, must be rolled and tied securely

NOTE: Metal and Bulk waste will be collected separately.

Unacceptable Items!

These materials will NOT be collected:

  • Building and demolition materials, concrete, bricks, tiles, fencing and plumbing fixtures;
  • Trade, industrial and shop waste;
  • Motor vehicles, engines, car parts and tyres;
  • Commercial and hazardous waste including asbestos, insulation batts and fibro;
  • Gas bottles and fire extinguishers;
  • Fuels, oils, paint and vessels or machinery containing liquids eg. mowers, oil heaters etc.
  • Cement bags and large carpet rolls;
  • Food scraps, recyclable material, household garbage and broken glass;
  • Green waste including tree roots and branches;
  • Small loose items will not be accepted;
  • Material suitable for placement in the resident’s MGBs;
  • Fencing in large quantities and wire that is not rolled and tied securely;
  • Lengths of material longer than 1.8m (excluding lounges etc.)
  • Hot water systems larger than 260 litres;

The Contractor & Council have the right to reject any material that they consider unacceptable.

Enquiries please contact:

JR Richards & Sons

Customer Service 1300 343 507