Mayor’s Message - 31 July 2020

Mayor’s Message

Dungog and its surrounding regions experienced a drenching this past week, which caused some havoc on our roads and delayed works on several infrastructure projects around the Shire.

The heavy rainfall over this past weekend also provided the first real test of our newly-commissioned Flood Warning System.

The system was installed in February and is designed to warn residents, council and emergency responders (such as the SES), as water levels rise in the Dungog township area.

I’m pleased to report that the system did its job, with council and the SES receiving an SMS when the water level in the Dungog tailwater area (a location in which the combined flooding of Myall Creek, local catchment and Williams River meet) was about to lap Hooke St.

The system itself is designed to place authorities on standby at this time, before considering the evacuation of low-lying residents when Hooke St is topped by an additional 1.5 metres.

The flood warning siren is automatically activated when the water level tops Hooke Street by 2.5 metres, or when water is rising at an exceptional rate.

While there was no cause for alarm in this instance, it's good to know the system is functioning as designed and I commend everyone involved with its installation and operation.

If you would like to know more about the Flood Warning System, I encourage you to get in touch with council’s Environmental Services Manager on 4995 7740.

For anyone wishing to contact me with any questions or feedback regarding council operations, please get in touch via phone 4995 7777 or email I look forward to hearing from you.

We’re all in this together.


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