Mayor’s Message - 7 August 2020

Mayor’s Message

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve across our country, with several recent cases reported close to home in Newcastle and the Hunter region, on behalf of Dungog Shire Council I’m taking this opportunity to update all residents on the current permissible uses for our community facilities and recreational assets.

By adhering to these guidelines and practising common sense, care and being vigilant with personal hygiene we can all help to stop the spread.

For a full list of community, sporting and recreational assets and their permissible uses, please visit:

Alison Court Common Room

Alison Court Common Room is now open for socialising that is compliant with the one person per every 4 m2 rule. No structured activities are currently permitted.

Community Halls, Centres and Facilities

  • Dungog Shire Council Community Halls remain closed to casual hire and events.
  • Clarence Town School of Arts remains closed.
  • Clarence Town Senior Citizens Hall is operational one day per week.
  • Clarence Town Pre-School remains operational in the Clarence Town Community Centre.
  • James Theatre is currently open for dance classes only.
  • Gresford School of Arts remains closed; however, the Gresford Community Pre-school is still operational two days per week in the kitchen and supper room.
  • Martin’s Creek Hall remains closed.
  • Paterson School of Arts remains closed.
  • Vacy School of Arts, Dance and Yoga classes have resumed.
  • Vacy Community Pre-School is operational two days per week.

Dungog Library

Dungog Library has reopened with updated operating conditions and changes to hours of operation. For full details contact 4992 1819 or visit

Emergency Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on the way in which emergency management responses are carried out for natural disasters. Council is currently working with other government agencies to implement a Pandemic Plan for both council and community facilities in the event of a flood, bushfire or other natural disaster.


Parks in Dungog Shire are open to the general public, with all utilities including barbeques, toilets and play equipment operational and available for use. We remind all residents and visitors to Dungog that currently no more than 20 people are allowed to gather outside in a public place.

Public Toilets

All public toilets are being regularly cleaned, including once every weekend. Public amenities located at the Clarence Town School of Arts are available every day however are now closed from sunset to sunrise. 

Sporting Facilities

Dungog Shire Sporting Facilities are open with varied usages:

  • Clarence Town Sporting Reserve has no organised community sport but is open for passive recreational use.
  • Clarence Town Tennis Courts are available for community use.
  • Bennett Park is open for passive recreational use and is the home ground for Dungog Senior Rugby League and Dungog Ladies League Tag Team.
  • Dungog Showground is open for passive recreational use, with Dungog Pony Club returning for Club Open Days.
  • Dungog Netball Courts remain closed for competition use.
  • Dungog Tennis Courts have re-opened for competition.
  • Gresford Sporting Complex is the home ground for Gresford Vacy Soccer Club.
  • Paterson Sportsground is open for passive recreational use, with Boxing Shed and Paterson Netball Club both returning for competition use.
  • Vacy Sportsground is open for passive recreational use and is the training facility for Gresford Vacy Soccer Club.
  • Dungog and Clarence Town Swimming Pools have a tentative seasoning opening scheduled for October.  

Please note all competition use of Dungog Shire sporting facilities require COVID-19 Safety Plans and council approval.

Sporting facilities - School Use

Several local schools are returning or requesting to return to use sporting facilities. To do so, every school is required to provide council with a COVID-19 Safety Plan, in addition to the NSW Department of Education Risk Assessment for approval. Requests to return are also obviously dependent on the facility requested being reopen for use.

Sports – Summer Season

Council is currently working with Shire sporting organisations regarding the resumption of summer sports in the next six weeks. All summer sporting activities will require a COVID-19 Safety Plan, a COVID-19 Safety Officer and User Group Agreement form.

Street Stalls

Street Stalls are not permissible under current Public Health Orders and council is unable to provide approval for markets on council-owned or council-managed land.

Visitor Information Centre

Dungog Visitor Centre has reopened with restrictions and updated operating hours in place. For full details contact 4992 2212 or visit

Water Stations

Drinking/Water stations remain closed and seating is restricted to ensure 1.5M social distancing can be maintained at all times.

Williams River Holiday Park

Williams River Holiday Park has reopened under changed operating conditions. For full details contact 4996 4231 or visit

More Information

For more information around Public Health COVID-19 Restrictions and permissible activities please visit:

Remember, we can all do our bit by continuing to maintain appropriate social distancing (1.5M), practicing good personal hygiene, staying home if we unwell, or if you are experiencing flu like symptoms talk to your doctor and self-isolate if required.

For anyone wishing to contact me with any questions or feedback regarding any council services, facilities or operations, please get in touch via phone 4995 7777 or email I look forward to hearing from you.

We’re all in this together.


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