Message from the Mayor: 1 April 2022

Thank you to all community members who have braved the inclement weather this week to attend our ‘Meet the Mayor’ sessions across the shire.

Unsurprisingly, the topic most frequently discussed is the condition of our local road network and the upgrade works happening around our shire. To this end, I am pleased to provide you with the following updates:

Bruxner Bridge

Work is scheduled to recommence onsite next week, weather permitting. Once back onsite, further assessments will be carried out, with the bridge cleared and repairs commencing.

Once these further assessments have been conducted, we will have a better understanding of the timeframe for this work, which will be provided next week.

Lennoxton Road

Lennoxton Road is being used as the detour route during construction works for the replacement of Bruxner Bridge. Council is aware of the poor condition of this road, which has been exacerbated following recent weather events.

Some repairs have already been undertaken to this road, but unfortunately these works have been interrupted by ongoing wet weather. Further works are scheduled to be undertaken in the near future.

Banfield Bridge

As a result of consistent flooding of the site, timber condition and apparent heavy vehicle usage, Banfield Bridge is not currently trafficable and has been closed for assessment.

This assessment will be undertaken once water levels reduce sufficiently to allow for inspection and testing works, and maintenance activities can be determined at this time.  

The replacement of Banfield Bridge has been put out for tender under the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges program, with this work scheduled for commencement later this year.

Clarence Town Road

Segment 1 (North of Erringhi Street): The contractor will be applying the full seal over the coming week, with works scheduled for completion in early May, weather permitting.

Segment 2 (Clarence Town Road and Glen William Road intersection): The contractor will conduct stabilisation of the southbound lane in early April, with placing of the pavement layer to follow. Pavement stabilisation works are scheduled to occur in the south bound lane from 11 April, weather permitting.

Segment 7 (South of Tabbil Creek Bridge): Council crews plan to carry out stabilisation works all of next week, with sealing works scheduled from Tuesday 12 April.

Please note, all planned works are subject to weather conditions and resourcing availability.


Following the extreme weather events we have experienced so far this year, our crews have been inundated with pothole patching and repair work across the shire’s road network.

While they're doing their best to attend to all remediation works as quickly as possible, due to the high volume of requests being received, your patience is greatly appreciated.

We ask that all road users continue to drive with caution on sealed and unsealed roads across the shire.

Finally, just a reminder the final Meet the Mayor session for this round will be held tonight, Friday 1 April, at Clarence Town Café from 4pm - 6pm. I look forward to seeing you there.

As always, I welcome your ideas, suggestions and feedback in regard to happenings around our shire. Please get in touch via email or (02) 4995 7777.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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