Message from the Mayor: 18 March 2022

At our council meeting this week, I raised a Mayoral Minute regarding advocacy throughout the Federal Election campaign.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) has developed a framework and resources for a national advocacy campaign that will run in the lead up to the Federal Election to be held in May.

Based around the tagline Don’t Leave Local Communities Behind, the goal is to secure funding and policy commitments that will support every council and community, and ensure all Australians have an equal opportunity to share in the benefits of our national post-pandemic recovery.

The campaign will promote 17 priority requests in the areas of economic recovery, transport and community infrastructure, building resilience, circular economy and intergovernmental relations.

Dungog Shire Council has resolved to support ALGA’s national funding priorities, which will contribute an estimated $6.46B per year to Australia’s GDP and create 43,444 jobs.

It has also agreed to support and participate in advocacy for ALGA’s endorsed national funding priorities by writing to the local MP’s, all known local election candidates, and the President of the Australian Local Government Association to:

a) express support for ALGA’s funding priorities;
b) identify priority local projects and programs that could be progressed with additional financial assistance from the Federal Government being sought by ALGA; and
c) seek funding commitments from the members, candidates and their parties for these identified local projects and programs.

Participating in this national advocacy campaign does not preclude our council from advocating on our additional local needs and issues, and we will continue to actively lobby all federal candidates to secure the funding and resources our community deserves.

I welcome your ideas, suggestions and feedback in regard to any happenings around our shire. Please get in touch via or (02) 4995 7777.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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