Message from the Mayor: 29 July 2022

As a council, we strive every day to provide the community with the amenities they need to comfortably live, work and play in our local government area. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly, but one we try our best to manage.

The state of our 721km road network has long been an issue. We don’t shy away from this fact and appreciate the community’s feedback when they are not up to par. Currently, we have a roads repair bill that far exceeds our budget, so balancing the urgent works required while still delivering our essential services is always a juggle.

Like everyone, we want our roads to be better. Our General Manager, Gareth Curtis, members of our executive team and I are always engaging with our government colleagues and campaigning for State and Federal funding, and this week the NSW Government announced it will help turbocharge efforts by local councils to upgrade the roads communities use every day by providing further funding as part of its Fixing Local Roads program. We will be applying and lobbying heavily to receive funding from this grant.

Additional efforts have also been made by Dungog Shire Council this week to bolster our pothole patching works on our rural sealed road network by:

  • purchasing a second bitumen patching truck;
  • implementing two bitumen patching trucks, now working six days per week (where weather conditions and resources allow); and
  • the use of a third-hand patching crew where available.

All roads are a priority, however we concentrate the majority of the patching resources on the worst areas of the higher traffic, higher speed roads (i.e. the Regional Road Network). Crews will focus on pothole works first and may leave some edge breaks etc so that they can get the higher-risk potholes filled across the network completed first.

On a lighter note, today is National Tree Day and to celebrate, Dungog Shire Council is giving away 250 native tube stock trees to residents, schools and community groups.

Each household can receive up to three trees, and community groups and schools can receive a maximum of 25 trees per group. Please note, community groups and schools need to contact council to receive a voucher prior to collection. You can email us here.

Trees can be collected from Riverdene Nursery, East Gresford, Clarence Town Post Office, or Council’s Administration Building until tomorrow (or until stock is exhausted).

I welcome your ideas, suggestions and feedback in regard to any happenings around our shire.  Please get in touch via or (02) 4995 7777.

I look forward to hearing from you.