Message from the Mayor - 30 April 2021

Roads are a vitally important topic on our agenda here in Dungog Shire, especially after the recent flooding event, and improving our roads continues to be one of council’s key issues and priorities.

While we continue to campaign for funding for all our priority roads, we have welcomed the announcement that council will receive $1.79M for safer roads in the shire under the NSW Government’s Road Safety program.

The funding will be split among three of the region’s priority road safety hotspots including on Bingleburra Road, the Allyn River Road and Bingleburra Road intersection, and Stroud Hill Road.

We are very pleased to have been successful in receiving this funding, however due to the additional resources to manage the recent flooding response, we have requested a 6-month extension to the timeframe provided by the state government to ensure these vital works can be carried out, meaning these three road safety projects are aiming for completion by the end of the year.

Speaking of roads, I am often asked about the use of recycled products in our road surfaces. Wherever possible we use recycled materials, with the most common recycled product we use being crumb rubber, which has a sand-like consistency and helps to maintain the quality and extend the asset life on stabilised pavements. We generally don’t use crushed glass due to its cost and scarcity of availability.

Recent works at the Mackay Street intersection did utilise Reconophalt, a road surfacing material containing recycled products such as soft plastics, crumb rubber from old tires and waste glass destined for landfill. You can read full details on council's website.

You may have also noticed Geotech works happening at various locations around the shire in recent times, as we prepare for a robust program of road rehabilitation and construction planned under the 2021/22 and 2021/23 CAPEX programs.

As discussed last week, the General Manager and I are continuing to lobby candidates before the upcoming Upper Hunter by-election to ensure our roads, and other infrastructure and community priorities, are supported by whoever fills this role.

A reminder that you can always discuss any issues affecting our community in person at an upcoming ‘Meet the Mayor’ session. These sessions require no appointments and the next one is happening today from 4-6pm at Clarence Town Café. I hope to see some of you there.

For any other activities, events or happenings around our shire, you can contact me by phone on 4995 7777 or by email on

I look forward to hearing from you.


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