Works Progress Report: March 2021

Council undertook significant repair and reconstruction works across roads and bridges throughout the shire, following March’s extreme flooding and weather events.

In addition, notable road and bridge construction continued across the shire during March 2021.
These works include:
Road and Bridge Construction

  • RR7764 Bingleburra Road (West of Sugarloaf Road): Guardrail works undertaken.
  • MR301 Clarence Town Road (North of Erringhi Street, Special Grant): Drainage works undertaken.
  • MR301 Clarence Town Road (Union Bridge to Parers Hill, Special Grant): Guardrail and line marking works undertaken.
  • Paterson River Road (SRV): Drainage and earthworks undertaken.
  • Summer Hill Road (SRV): Pavement and earthworks undertaken.
  • RR7778 Gresford Road (REPAIR): Drainage tree removal and earthworks undertaken.
  • RR7764 Bingleburra Road (East of Turnbull’s Quarry): Line marking works undertaken.
  • MR128 Durham Road, Gresford: Kerb and gutter works undertaken.
  • Tillegra Bridge: Bridge approach earthworks undertaken.
  • Black Rock Road (SRV) - Drainage and earthworks undertaken.

Building and Other Construction Works

  • Bennett Park: Kiosk building construction works undertaken.
  • Clarence Town Sporting Facility: Building construction works undertaken.
  • Williams River Holiday Park: Amenities building construction works undertaken.

Sealed Road Maintenance

  • Landslip Repair: RR7764 Bingleburra Road.
  • Shoulder Maintenance: MR101 (Williams River Food Channel).
  • Heavy Patching Works: Summer Hill Road.
  • Tar Patching: Paterson River Road, RR7764, RR7778, MR101, Martins Creek Road, Summer Hill Road, Fosterton Road, MR128 and Fishers Hill Road.
  • Roadside Slashing: Dungog Urban Streets, MR101, Dungog Urban Streets and Hilldale Road.

Bridge, Concrete and Other Maintenance Works

  • Bridge Maintenance: Masseys Creek Bridge (Approaches).
  • Flood Rack Removal: Fosterton Bridge, Banfield Bridge, Thalaba Bridge, Clements Bridge, Flying Fox Lane Bridge, Horns Crossing Bridge, Dowlings Bridge, Bruxner Bridge, Allyn River Road causeways, Lawrence’s Road causeway and Gabulah Road natural causeway.
  • Street Furniture Installation: Dowling Street, Dungog.
  • Park and reserve storm and damage repairs: Frank Robinson Reserve, Tucker Park and Bridge Reserve.

These works are in addition to the regular maintenance, repair, slashing and mowing works carried out across all council facilities.