Dungog Shire Cultural Plan

Dungog Shire is creating a Cultural Plan to use as the basis for external funding applications to State, Commonwealth and philanthropic organisations to support cultural activities across the shire.

The Creative Ingredient has been engaged to undertake community consultation to inform the development of the Cultural Plan. 

A broad community consultation process is being conducted from Dec 2021 - March 2022, across the whole LGA. This includes: 

(a) An online and in-person survey;

(b) Four community consultation workshops, held in February 2022;

(c) The establishment of a Cultural Advisory Group;

(d) School assembly talks;

(e) Targeted interviews with s355 committee members, cultural practitioners and community representatives.

Cultural Advisory Group

Eleven community and council representatives have now been appointed to Dungog Shire’s Cultural Plan Advisory Group to support council in the development and delivery of its Cultural Plan. 

The Plan sets the long-term vision for culture in the shire and provides a roadmap for council, the community and partners to work together to achieve an exciting and engaging arts and cultural life for the area.

Cultural Plan Advisory Group representatives include:

  • Mayor John Connors - Dungog Shire Council
  • John O’Brien - Arts Upper Hunter
  • Kara Clements - Worrimi, Aboriginal Education Officer Dungog High School
  • Tess Neilson - Tocal Homestead CB Alexander Foundation
  • Penny O'Meara - Gresford District Community Group
  • Jane Richens - Paterson Allyn Williams Science Hub, Gresford News
  • Debbie Bruce - Vice President Clarence Town River Country Hoedown
  • Helene Leane - Gallery on Dowling
  • Philippa Graham - Sculpture on the Farm
  • Sarah Crawford - Reconciliation Dungog Committee, MRAGMC
  • Janne Ryan - Arrow Collective

The Cultural Advisory Group members represent the community in an advisory role to council.

Group members provide knowledge and diverse perspectives about creative practice, arts, cultural activities, and events relevant to the Dungog Shire.

Please download the Cultural Advisory Group Terms of Reference.

Fat Text Competition: Announcing Our Winners!

We're thrilled to report that we had 23 entries for our Fat Texta drawing competition, and our congratulations go to our winner, Evie Watkins, who was drawn at random.

Evie is pictured below with Christopher Saunders from The Creative Ingredient.











All of our fantastic entries have now been made into the 'Fat Texta Tapestry – What I Love About Dungog'.






















The entrants who contributed to this piece are: 

Artist Drawing Description

Evie Watkins 

This is an image of kids playing at Jubilee Park, Dungog

Macen Watkins 

This is an drawing of hollywood hill in Dungog

Sophie Watkins

This is an image of Grandmas cows crossing the road to be milked

Victoria Duck

The Dungog park that I love playing at!

Julie MacCormick

Peace at the Dungog Common 

Bonnie Maccormick

Laps at the Dungog Swimming pool

Fergus Maccormick

The Norco river rope swing 

Maisie Maccormick

The fun mayhem of the Dungog Common bike 

Rhiani Houtsma

Oldest operating Theatre in Australia 

Jasmine Houtsma

Feeling safe in Dungog

Charlotte Walters

When I see the Dungog sign, I know I'm home.

Ashleigh Walters

 I love seeing all the beautiful flowers in Dungog.

Lauren Upward 

Dungog Post Office because I love receiving mail!

Harry Stephenson

Dungog Hill

Max Stephenson

My favourite part of Dungog is the common mtb tracks.

Jeanie Briggs-Seers

Dungog Show Grandstand

Draigh Briggs

Bennett Park

Setanta Dimery

Dungog Hills 

Jack Sharp

A drawing of the Dungog flow track 

Tom Sharp

Dungog Warriors Rugby league home ground

Jackson Merrick

Dungog Football field (Jackson plays for the Dungog warriors and can’t wait for the season to start again this year!)

Laila Reid

A big tree on the Williams river below our house.

Isla Briggs

"I love dancing at Valley Dance Academy" (on Drovers Way)