Road and Bridge Closures

Spooner Bridge – Paterson River Road

The bypass adjacent to Spooner Bridge has a significant depth of water over it at this time (approximately 800mm).  Council staff have now closed the bypass.  

Fortunately, whilst the new bridge approach roadworks still need to be undertaken, the bridge is serviceable and traffic is being allowed to cross the new bridge as a temporary measure.  Once the water subsides on the bypass, any necessary repairs will be undertaken and the bypass re-opened.  The bridge will then be again closed to allow finalisation of bridge and roadworks.

Saxby’s Bridge – Clements Road

The bypass adjacent to Saxby’s Bridge has had a significant depth of water across it which has caused damage to the surface and it is now closed.  The damage is relatively minor and, once the water recedes, Council will reinstate the bypass.  Weather permitting, this work is expected to be undertaken tomorrow.  In the interim, access is only available via Saxby’s Bridge which is currently limited to 5t.

Further information will be made available as it comes to hand but if you require any further information regarding these two bridges, please contact Steve Hitchens on 4995 7777.

Please find below a current list of Council's Timber Bridges and their location, dimensions and sign-posted load limits.


Timber Bridge Location Map as at January 2019

Timber Bridge Load Limits as at March 2020