Road and Bridge Closures

Please be advised that due to unforeseen circumstances, it has been deemed necessary to impose a 20 tonne load limit on Saxby’s Bridge located at 264 Clements Road, Lewinsbrook as of today.

In the interim Council has obtained the required Fisheries permits to construct a heavy vehicle bypass adjacent the bridge while either repairs are undertaken, or, the possible full bridge replacement is undertaken.

These works are scheduled to commence immediately and are expected to be completed by Friday 13 March 2020 (Weather permitting). Once the heavy vehicle bypass is constructed the load limit of the bridge will be further reduced to 5 tonnes to reduce risk to the structure.

Please find below a current list of Council's Timber Bridges and their location, dimensions and sign-posted load limits.


Timber Bridge Location Map as at January 2019

Timber Bridge Load Limits as at March 2020