Background Review and Rural Issues Paper

Background Review (Part A)

The Background Review provides a contextual overview of the factors in the Shire relevant to the preparation of the Rural Lands Strategy for Dungog. These being;

  • Planning Policy and legislation review
  • Demographic review
  • A review of Agricultural and rural lands
  • Economy and tourism
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Rural residential development (R5 large lot residential zoned land)

As part of the background review, extensive community and stakeholder engagement was carried out by Council and GHD. This was by way of an online media platform, Social pinpoint and a survey as well as a drop-in session with the community and meetings with relevant state and local stakeholders, the project steering committee, Councillors and Council Staff. The background review is a detailed and comprehensive paper that provides ample analysis of the current situation within the LGA across the above points.







Background Review (Part A) - Volume 1

Background Review (Part B) - Volume 2

Consultation Report (Part A)

Rural Issues Paper (Part B)

The Rural Issues Paper is a more concise document that draws on the findings of the Background Review and the community and stakeholder engagement that was undertaken, in order to identify key issues relevant to the development of the Rural Lands Strategy for Dungog.  Four key themes that have been established for the Rural Lands Strategy are:










The Rural issues paper and the themes established are used to inform the development of the Policy Directions Paper which provides strategic direction to address the issues identified in the Rural issues paper and guide the development of the rural lands strategy.


Rural Issues Paper (Part B)

Biodiversity Technical Paper (Part B)