Policy Directions Paper

The policy directions paper forms stage 2 of the rural lands Strategy process. The policy directions paper provides overarching statements that are used to guide the development of specific strategies and actions in the rural lands strategy.

As seen below, the policy directions are situated under the four (4) themes identified in the Rural Issues Paper.













Each policy direction is structured as follows:

  • Policy intent
  • Recommended actions
  • Justification

The undertaking of a rural lands strategy is complex and dynamic and therefore the themes, policy directions and outcomes are intended to work together rather than independently. Its on this basis that the policy directions should not be read in isolation, but instead read in conjunction with the remained of the document.

As the policy directions paper builds on the background review and the rural issues paper, which was informed by community and stakeholder engagement, the policy directions, in draft format will be exhibited for community feedback.

The draft policy directions paper has undergone a rigorous review process, by council staff, the project steering committee and Council prior to public exhibition.

Once Council has received all community and stakeholder feedback, the submissions will be reviewed by the project steering committee and Council with relevant amendments made. The final document will be forwarded to Council for adoption in August 2020.


Policy Directions Paper

Fact Sheet for the Draft Policy Directions

Summary Paper for the Background Review and Rural Issues