Dividing Fences Act 1991

The administration of the Dividing Fences Act 1991 has been transferred to the Minister for Lands.

Previously the Department of Local Government was the point of contact for the Dividing Fences Act.

Circular 04/42 issued by the Department of Local Government points out that information about the Dividing Fences Act on a website at Department of Lands, including sources of further information for members of the public. This is the first point of call for enquiries about dividing fence matters.

General procedural advice on how to lodge applications with the Local Land Board to determine fencing disputes can be obtained from the Land Board Registrar at one of the following Departmental offices:

  • Taree: 02 6552 2788
  • Maitland: 02 4937 9300

Such information will not include legal advice or opinions on matters relating to the Dividing Fences Act. However, information sheets on dividing fences law, including details of where to obtain legal advice relating to divided fences disputes, can be provided by Land Board Registrars.