Access Committee

The Access Committee is an example of Council and the Community working together.

What is an Access Committee?

  • The Access Committee is a forum for people to raise issues regarding access problems and discuss ways of taking appropriate action.
  • The Committee provides information regarding accessible facilities.
  • The Committee can advise on how to provide appropriate access for different types of disabilities.

The Committee includes people with disabilities, professional workers, carers of disabled people and other interested people.

How does the Access Committee benefit my community?

The Committee:

  • Monitors Council's access policies and their implementation
  • Identifies how Council can improve access
  • Lobbies developers, Council and Government agencies etc to improve access and public services
  • Reviews Development Applications to advise on access provisions.
  • Provides a forum for, and raises awareness about disability issues.

How often does the Access Committee meet?

The Access Committe meets Bi-Monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the Month. For further information please contact Council.