Companion Animals Management Plan

Dungog Shire Council encourages all pet owners to be responsible for their pets actions. Pets are referred to as 'companion animals'.

Our objectives are set out in the Companion Animals Management Plan 2007 available for viewing and downloading below.

Being a responsible dog/cat owners is easy. There are six things you can do to be a responsible pet owner:

  • Make sure your dog/cat can be identified with a collar, tag and microchip
  • Make sure your dog/cat is registered with Council so it can be identified if it becomes lost
  • Keep your dog in your yard.
  • Contain your cat to ensure that it doesn't create a nuisance
  • Consider desexing your pets
  • Always keep your dog on a leash in public unless in an off leash area
  • Clean up after your pet.

Download:   Companion Animals Management Plan(PDF, 246KB)