Kerbside Bulky Waste Clean-Ups

In addition to the weekly and fortnightly waste and recycling service, Council provides annually:

  • A green waste pick up service in Spring to all properties within the villages of Dungog, Clarence Town, Paterson, Vacy, Martins Creek, Gresford and East Gresford.
  • A bulky waste collection service in the first quarter of each calendar year to all properties receiving a domestic waste service.

Dungog Shire Council is providing a Bulky Waste & Scrap Metal Clean-Up for all residential properties currently receiving a weekly waste collection.

Collections will commence on Monday the 5th of February. Residents are requested to put their Waste out the weekend before.

Clean-up material should be placed at the location of your regular waste collection. Waste material deposited in any other location will be considered to be illegally dumped and action may be taken against persons responsible.

NOTE: Collections will only consist of a single pass per property for bulky waste and a separate single pass for metal. Waste or metal placed after these passes will not be collected. Collection vehicles record the date and time of each pass.

Collections may occur at any time during the allotted time period.

The volume of waste collected from any one property shall not exceed two cubic metres.

Bulky waste includes larger items of household waste.

Please refer to below brochure for acceptable and non-acceptable items.

UPDATE 8/2: 

A second bulk waste collection is scheduled to collect left behind white goods (non-degassed) and TV's as e-waste. These items can't be compacted with the current collection so will be picked up separately on a flat-top truck. This secondary collection will happen after the 16th February, once the main bulky collection is complete.

Update 16/2:

Council has recently been advised by JR Richards that the Bulk Waste Collection, scheduled to be completed by 16th February, is running behind schedule.
They are estimating that the collection will now be complete by the end of February.
So if your waste hasn't been collected yet, please don't worry.
Below is a list of areas where collections are still outstanding:
  •  Dungog Township
  •  Fosterton, Main Creek, Stroud Hill Rd
  •  Wallarobba, Martins Creek, Black Rock and all off-roads off Dungog Road.
  •  Dungog Rd, Patterson, Webbers Creek & Horns Crossing
  •  Lennoxton, Vacy, Summer Hill Road, Fishers Hill & Torry Burn, Gresford Road
  •  Paterson River Road, Glendon Brook Rd and Gresford
  •  Lewinsbrook, East Gresford, Ally River, Bingleburra


White goods and eWaste collection will also commence in Clarence Town on Saturday 17/2.


Enquiries ~ JR RICHARDS & SONS ~ 1300 343 507