Recycling Collection

Council utilises J R Richards as its contractor, to undertake a fortnightly recyclable collection service to all domestic waste customers including identified commercial, public and private entities. 

The yellow recycling bins are collected on the same day as the general waste collection. For further information on what day your recycling will be collected please see the calendar download below.

What Can I Recycle?


All glass bottles and jars. Rinse and place in bin. No crockery (cups, saucers or plates) please.

Aluminium and Steel

Cans eg. soft drink, pet food, baked beans, tins and alfoil. Please rinse.


Soft drink bottles, milk containers, plastic bottles. Please remove caps and rinse.

Paper and Cardboard

Newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, telephone books, junk mail, old letters and egg cartons.

Please rinse all containers and do not use plastic bags.

Hints and Tips

  • Recycling helps us all - the less we dump the better for our environment.
  • By rinsing recyclable items we are supplying a better product for recycling. The returns are the same but it is cleaner and safer for the sorting staff and others down the line to handle. Yours assistance is appreciated.
  • Please do not put recyclable in plastic bags - these items are not recovered and can cause injuries to staff.
  • Lids on glass and plastic containers are usually made from different plastics and cause contamination when recycled. Similar to rinsing, by removing lids you are ensuring your product will be recycled.
  • Hot items are a real problem in plastic mobile garbage bins and replacement costs are your responsibility - please avoid the need and expense to replace your bin by keeping hot items out of the bin.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact J R Richards and Sons on 02 6555 7007

For some further information on recycling in Dungog please visit the Planet Ark website

For further information on Ink Cartridge please visit the Planet Ark website

The recycling calendar and schedule is available for viewing below.