Water Quality Results for Dungog Waste Facility

The Dungog Landfill is designed to collect stormwater runoff and leachate infiltration. These effluents are collected in a series of dams on site with the stormwater being discharged to an adjoining creek in wet weather and the leachate irrigated onto the landfill property. There are strict water quality standards contained on the licence to ensure that pollutants do not leave the premises and compliance with these standards is monitored by Council through sampling of the dams and groundwater bores.

Under Section 66(6) of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, Council is required to publish pollution monitoring data. The latest pollution monitoring data is available below.


September 2020(PDF, 4MB)

June 2020(PDF, 3MB)

March 2020(PDF, 3MB)

December 2019(PDF, 3MB)

September 2019(PDF, 3MB)

March 2019(PDF, 3MB)