Message from the Mayor: 5 April 2024

Published on 05 April 2024


Hello, I'm John Connors, the Mayor of the Dungog shire, bringing you this week's Mayoral update.

Questions have been asked by many people on social media and elsewhere as to why Council hasn't completed the rehabilitation of Hooke Street. The section between Lord St and Dowling St hasn't been done, and the reason that it hasn't been done is that we are awaiting funding for that section.

As many residents know, that section of Dowling St floods badly regularly. Funding was announced over 12 months ago by the former government, which would have enabled an enhancement of the drainage in that area. We're still waiting for finalisation of that funding and when that comes through, those works will be scheduled and carried out. So that's the reason for the delay.

Questions have also been asked about the proposed works in Orana Park at East Gresford. Those works are going to take place very soon. They were intended to take place next week but probably with the weather it will now be the week after next before works commence. Those works will be enhancement of the drainage through the park, together with the footpath.

Similarly at Tucker Park in Paterson, works were to take place this coming week but again, they've been delayed for a week due to the weather. They will now take place the week after next weather permitting.  Those works will be the rehabilitation of the road through Tucker Park, running past the toilets and round to Queen St.

Last week being Easter saw massive activities throughout the Shire. Dominantly the Billy Cart Derby at East Gresford on Saturday morning which was again a resounding success. The funds raised on that day are to be used by the Gresford & District Community Group to erect, in conjunction with council, electronic speed warning signs on the three approaches to Gresford and East Gresford. So a great achievement and a great day for all.

Also on Saturday, was the annual Rodeo at Dungog Showground. This year was another record crowd. This year almost 8500 people were in the Dungog Showground on Saturday and Saturday night for this incredible event. It’s a great credit to the very small band of people that cause it to happen and it just goes from strength to strength year after year.

The Clarence Town Bridge information keeps arising and you'll get a lot of information over the next 12 to 18 months while the construction takes place. But the initial phase is now taking place and to inform the community there will be a drop-in session at the Clarence Town School of Arts on the 29th of April from 4.30pm to 7pm. All interested members of the community are invited to come along and learn more about the proposal and the impact it may have on commuting and residents. It's hoped that the impact will be kept to a minimum because the existing bridge is to remain in place until the new bridge is operational but even so, there are bound to be impacts on the community. So come along and hear from those who are directly involved what those impacts might be and when they might occur.

The roadworks, whilst they've been temporarily stopped due to the weather, continue at the intersection of Dowling and Mary Sts in Dungog with detours in place, and Queen St in Clarence Town where there are also detours in place. So please be patient. I'm sure in both instances, the end result will be worth the temporary inconvenience.

Durham Road at East Gresford, whilst the bottom section of the road has had a seal placed on it just before Easter, the top section of the road is now to undergo rehabilitation. That I know will cause inconvenience to residents and commuters. But again, unfortunately, it can't be done without creating some inconvenience and we just ask that everybody be patient and again, I'm sure the end result will be worth the inconvenience along the way. But work there is also of course subject to the weather and the weather today is not helping those works proceed at a rapid rate as we would like.

The quarterly newsletter from Council should be delivered this week. So check your mailboxes.

Hopefully, everybody will receive it this week and will receive an update on Council's activity.


Unfortunately, our video was cut a little short this week due to poor internet connection due to the weather. On behalf of Mayor Connors, until next week, goodbye and good luck.


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