The key focus of the Planning Department is assessing determination of Development Applications, Construction Certificates, Building Certificates and Principal Certifying Authority for Building and Subdivision works.

Council is committed to an efficient and effective local approval process endeavouring to encourage business activity and employment opportunities in the Shire. Council's Planning Department is working to protect and enhance the natural and built environment of Dungog Shire.

Development Proposals and the Application Process

All Development proposals are required to set standards and in most instances require approval from Council or a private certifier. The circumstances in which approval is required, and certain development standards are set out in the Dungog Local Environmental Plan.

A brief overview of the process can be found below, with a better understanding provided on the NSW Planning & Environment Webpage.



  • All applications are now lodged online through the NSW Planning Portal.
  • Once your application is submitted through the Portal it comes through to Council to be reviewed. Once Council has reviewed the application, a fee quote will be provided through the Planning Portal, this can be paid by calling our Customer Service Team on (02) 4995 7777, only once this fee is paid the application is officially lodged. 



  • Once determined the Notice of Determination and Stamped Plans will be available to the applicant through the Planning Portal. 
  • Does your approved DA require modification? If yes, you will need to submit a modification through the Planning Portal. 
  • Please ensure you read through your Notice of Determination and the Conditions attached as this will outline the terms of your approval. 


  • Once you have received the approval for your DA & are ready to build, you will need an Approved Construction Certificate before you can start work.
  • You will need to appoint a PCA (Principal Certifying Authority), either Council or a Private Accredited Certifier to oversee the construction phase. 

Option 1- Using Council as PCA?

  • Submit your Construction Certificate Application through the NSW Planning Portal & also submit a PC Appointment nominating Council as the Principal Certifier. A quote will be provided which includes the required inspections. 
  • Inspections are required to be booked 48 hours prior work is to commence with Council's Building Inspector.
  • Home Building Compensation (HBC) may be required and must be submitted prior to work commencing - What is Home Building Compensation?
  • If you are wanting to supervise or do building work yourself, you may need an Owner Builder Permit.
  • Once work is completed an Occupation Certificate will need to be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal and you will receive a fee quote,  this is required in order to occupy or use a building. 

Option 2- Using a Private Certifier as a PCA?

  • They/you will still need to lodge the Approved Construction/Occupation Certificates & associated documents through the NSW Planning Portal for it to be recorded with Council.