Notice of Planning for Bushfire Protection for New Development

On the 1 August 2002, the provisions of the Rural Fires and Environmental Assessment Legislation Amendment Act 2002 commenced.


Under these new provisions, all proposed development that is located within land that is identified as bushfire prone, must comply with publication produced by the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006. This document is available from Planning New South Wales or may be downloaded from the Rural Fire Service website


The majority of the land in Dungog Shire is bushfire prone land and therefore most forms of development will require consent under the new provisions.


This legislation prevents Council from giving approval to any development requiring assessment under the new guidelines that does not fully comply with the new requirements.


It is the responsibility of the developer to provide an assessment of the risk in accordance with the document; Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 and this must accompany Development Applications lodged with Council.


Applications lodged without this information will be returned to the applicant.


Applications for subdivision to create any residential entitlement or tourist development on land identified as bushfire prone are among those which are classed as Integrated Development and will require referral to the NSW Rural Fire Service.


Fees for Integrated Development must accompany the application and are able to be supplied by the Customer Service Staff.


Prior to the preparation a Development Application please contact Council's Planning Department in writing to ascertain if your property is constrained by bushfire to establish whether special assessment and referral to the NSW Rural Fire Service is required.