Rural Land Protection Board Stock Permits on Council Road Reserves.


To provide for the issuing of concurrence by Council to the Maitland Livestock Health and Pest Authority to issue stock permits for the grazing of animals on public roads.

Policy Statement

All permits issued under Section 101 of the Rural Lands Protection Board Act, 1998, for grazing stock (other than travelling stock) on Councils Road reserves require Council concurrence as the land holder and will be subject to the following conditions. 

  1. A written application must be submitted to Council on the approved form
  2.  The applicant must provide a certificate of currency for public liability insurance, covering the proposed activity and indemnifying Council in the event of a claim.
  3. Grazing Permits will not be issued on Councils regional road network. 
  4. Stock can only use the road reserve area in daylight hours.
  5.  All applications will be assessed in relation to
  • The presence of Noxious Weeds and recent herbicide spray treatments in the area
  • Council's road maintenance or construction schedule
  • Council's Roadside Environmental Management Plan
  • Suitability of the reserve area in relation to traffic flow, available feed, number of stock, Council's and private infrastructure, including signage, roadside drainage, gates, fences and property entrances.

6. The road reserve must not be overstocked or overgrazed

7. That appropriate conditions in relation to these permits are set and monitored by the Livestock Health and Pest Authority.

8. The application must be accompanied by the fee prescribed in Councils Management Plan In the event of non compliance with the above conditions Council can terminate the approval prior to the nominated expiry date.

Policy Adopted:   30 January 2009

Minute No. 34315

Authority: Council Resolution

Downloads:   Application Form (PDF 28KB)(PDF, 28KB)