Control of Burning in Dungog Shire

It is now prohibited to burn vegetation or other waste within the town and village areas of the Shire. This covers the villages of:

  • Clarence Town
  • Dungog
  • Gresford
  • Martins Creek
  • Paterson
  • Vacy

These requirements are enforceable & took effect when Dungog Shire Council joined with neighbouring Councils to list on the NSW State Clean Air Regulation Schedule in September 2010.

The prohibition on burning vegetation is aimed at reducing the level of smoke in towns & villages that can have a significant impact on residents, particularly those suffering with respiratory problems like asthma. It will also help reduce localised pollution and green house gases.

Disposing of Vegetation

Composting leaves, trimmings or weeds puts carbon back into the soil instead of the air.  Material unsuitable for compost or mulch without further treatment can be taken to the Landfill in Short Street Dungog for shredding to be used as a soil conditioner or mulch. Council provides a green waste pickup to the village areas in Spring each year and has low green waste tipping fees for self haul loads.

Rural Zoned Property

The prohibition on burning vegetation does not apply to rural/rural lifestyle zones & to routine agricultural activities.

Other Waste

Under the legislation it is prohibited to burn other types of waste in all areas of the Shire where a waste service is available.

This includes domestic, commercial and building waste which needs to be sorted and transported to the Dungog Landfill or another licensed facility.

PLEASE NOTE that during the Statutory Fire Danger Period, Fires are not permitted unless a Permit has been obtained from the NSW Rural Fire Service.