BASIX is a web-based tool that aims to ensure that each new dwelling design meets the NSW Government's targets of a 40% reduction in water consumption and a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared with the NSW average. As a State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) it will over-ride any existing Council DCPs that relate to sustainability ie Energy Smart Homes Policies and some water controls. Where BASIX is currently "silent", such as stormwater controls, then Council DCPs will still apply.


Do I need to get a BASIX Certificate?

From 1 July 2005 all applications for development consent for single or multi-unit developments will need to include a BASIX certificate.


What about Alterations & Additions?

A BASIX Certificate will be required if:

  • Your renovation work is valued at $50,000 or more from the 1 July 2007.
  • You are installing a swimming pool (or pool and spa) with a volume greater than 40,000 litres.


Who can use the online tool to get a BASIX certificate?

Anyone can, there is no requirement for any training, qualifications or accreditation.


Will BASIX mean that it will cost more to build a house?

As Dungog Shire already has in place building requirements under it's Energy Efficiency DCP which comprises Part A) Building Envelopes and Part B) Hot Water Systems and a Water Efficiency DCP, BASIX may not increase the cost of construction significantly in this area.


What information do I need to include in the plans I submit to Council with a development application?

A development application must match the BASIX Certificate for the same proposal. This requires the development application and its plans to contain the same project name and address, project type, and details of the site area, gross floor area, roof area, number of bedrooms and total area of vegetation as are identified on the BASIX Certificate.

In addition, other commitments on the BASIX Certificate which are fundamental to the design of the proposed development must also be shown on the DA plans. These include commitments relating to things such as the installation of rainwater tanks, location and size of windows and shading devices, and the location and size of heating and cooling systems. The BASIX Certificate will indicate which commitments these are.

Further information may be obtained from the BASIX website.