Planning and Development - Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers and information relating to our most commonly asked Planning & Development Questions. 

Can I build a dwelling on a parcel of land?

You will need to apply for an Existing Holding/Dwelling Entitlement search. This search will advise if a Development Application can be lodged for a dwelling. A form is required to be completed and associated fees paid to access this information. 

Existing Holding Application


How do I access Property Information?

A Property Information Request form & the associated fee is required, you will need to include exactly what information you are requiring on the application form.  If you are after copies of approvals, you will need to lodge a GIPA request. For more information on how to access information, please see the below link.

Access to Information

Property Information Request Form




How do I find out about Zoning and any planning restrictions on my land?

A Section 10.7 Certificate provides information on the development potential of a parcel of land including the planning restrictions that may apply.

A 10.7(2) Certificate provides you with information such as the Zone, whether the land is affected by any Draft Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans, whether the land contains a Heritage Item and any Restrictions on development due to natural hazards such as landslip, flooding or bush fire.

A 10.7 (2) & (5) Certificate provides you with all the above information plus additional information such as easements, unhealthy building land, outstanding health & building notices and other matters which includes any other information Council feels relevant to the land. 

To request a 10.7 (2) or 10.7 (2) & (5) Certificate, please complete the application and provide payment to Council Administration   Zoning Certificate Application


I am constructing a new driveway, or doing some work involving the road reserve what do I require?

A Section 138 application is required to be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal PRIOR to any construction works within the road reserve.  Some examples of work may include- constructing a new driveway or retaining wall in the footpath area, constructing a drainage pipe from a private property and installing a new driveway crossing in accordance with a development consent.

*Works are not limited to the above so contact Council for further clarification. 



I would like to install a manufactured home on my property what is required?

You will still be required to lodge a Development Application for the dwelling. Manufactured Homes don’t require a Construction Certificate however you will be required to lodge a Section 68 application through the NSW Planning Portal, and approval granted prior to installing a manufactured home.

Section 68 of the Local Government Act


Do I need approval to demolish?

In some circumstances demolition can occur without an approval from Council, however it must meet the standards set out by the NSW Government.The policy should be referred to and you must be satisfied that you meet all the relevant requirements.
Demolition as exempt development must be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 2601-2001 and must comply with the Work, Health & Safety Regulation 2011.



Do I need Council permission to erect a fence?

Some circumstances allow for a fence to be erected without Council approval, in order for this to occur the proposed change must meet the requirements set out in the State Environmental Planning Policy

You are able to check the Zoning via the NSW Planning Portal. Depending on the land use zone there are different requirements that apply and some may require a development application with Council.  ‘’A like for like’’ replacement of a dividing or boundary fence needs to be discussed with adjoining land owners and can generally occur through exempt development.