Environment and Compliance - Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides Questions & Answers to some commonly asked Environment and Compliance Questions. 

Do I need to organise a Pool Inspection and how can I arrange one with Council?

All Pools & Spas need to be registered through the NSW Swimming Pool Register

A Certificate of Compliance can be organised with Council at any time by completing the Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Application Form. The Compliance Certificate is valid for a period of 3 years as long as the fencing remains compliant in that time. 

For more information see Council's Swimming Pool Information




I have a complaint about a barking dog, can Council help?

Prior to Council commencing any barking dog investigations, Council requires certain actions to be undertaken first. See Council’s page on Barking Dogs for further information.


My bin has been stolen or damaged, or I have just built and there are no bins, what do I need to do?

Any stolen or vandalised bins need to be reported to the Police Assistance Line -131 444 to receive an Event Number. Once you have received this you can email it through to Council to start the process to organise a replacement bin.

Bin requests for a new dwelling can be made once an Occupation Certificate is issued, please email Council and include a copy of your Occupation Certificate.

If your Council bin is damaged and it requires replacement parts or a complete replacement, please email as much information as possible in order for a replacement or maintenance to be organised. 

To organise any of the above please email Council- shirecouncil@dungog.nsw.gov.au



I need to install a new septic or make alterations to my existing septic what do I need to do?

Work relating to either a new install or alterations to an existing Onsite Sewerage Management System needs to be approved under Section 68. An application is to be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal.

Once the system is installed according to the approval, a final inspection needs to be organised with Council and an Approval to Operate will be issued. The approval includes the conditions of operations and any regular maintenance requirements.

If the land or property is sold, a new Approval to Operate will need to be organised with Council.