Business Strategy & Investment Unit

Dungog Shire's Business Strategy & Investment Manager is involved in the attraction of businesses, professionals and skilled tradespeople to the Dungog Local Government Area through the development of strategies aimed at enhancing the opportunities available in the region.

These activities will create wealth in the area, allow for the development of new skills and the enhancement of existing resources, which in turn will ensure a more sustainable future for the Shire.

The Business Strategy & Investment Unit within Dungog Shire Council provides services to assist new and existing businesses to relocate to, or within, the shire or to expand an existing operation where possible.

An existing network of business and community groups within the shire offer new businesses the opportunity to develop extensive networks within the area and when combined with the resources of Dungog Shire Council it is understandable why existing operators enjoy doing business in the Shire.

For more information on why you may wish to move or expand your business activities to the Dungog Shire contact the Business Strategy & Investment Manager.